Pancake Day!

So as everyone probably knows, today is Pancake Day! (Shrove Tuesday if you want to get technical)

The premixed batter was only £1 from Tesco and the chocolate sauce was also £1. Cheap and cheerful and very easy to make.

Just because you’re a student on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t join in with what everyone else is doing!

Please post your pancake photos too as I would love to see them!


Earn as you spend

As a student, it’s tough to manage on your maintenance loan. Even if you get a job, it’s not a full time income and you need to fit work around your studies. Also, if you’re like me – it’s hard to stay away from sales and the odd bit of retail therapy.

The good news is that you can profit from what you spend. I use Quidco for everything that I buy in order to get cashback!

Join Quidco

What is cashback?

All you need to do is use the links provided on their website to visit the retailer of your choice and then make a purchase. They’ll let you know how much cashback you will receive. For example, if you use a cashback link with 5% cashback and you spend £50, you will get £2.50. This may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up as long as you keep using the links on their website (which includes 1000’s of retailers!)

How can I sign up?

As a thank you for visiting my blog, by using the referral code below you will get £5 automatic cashback into your Quidco account as soon as you’ve used it to make any purchase of £5 or above. It’s that simple!

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